Storage Advice for Household Self Storage

The type of box you use to store your belongings makes a difference. We recommend a strong, sturdy cardboard or plastic box which can close tight. House and Stock offer a range of self-branded boxes, double corrugated for extra secure moving and storing.

Try to pack boxes neatly and to capacity as these will stack better. Partially filled or over-packed boxes will cause an imbalance when stacking.

Always pack heavier items into smaller boxes so they are easier to lift. Packing heavy items into large boxes can cause the bottom or sides to burst.

Label or colour code boxes so you know which items are from which room or for which season. Try to stack items in appropriate groups to make it easier to locate items.

Always keep a list! Lists are handy if you have been using your facility for a while and cannot remember if you placed an item in storage. They are also very useful for insurance purposes. Stick a list to the wall of your container and score off items when you remove them. (We also have onsite wireless so you can update your list online).

If items are breakable, scratchable, valuable or prone to easy damage then wrap them using bubble wrap or tissue paper. We recommend items such as table legs and wooden bed frames are also wrapped as a preventative measure when stacking items on or between the frames. Always mark mirrors, dishes and similar items as FRAGILE and try to store these items away from potential falling hazards such as stacked boxes.S

Only store clean and dry equipment. If you are packing away your garden items for the winter give them a quick wipe down before storing them- this will limit any chances of mould or smells developing in your unit.

Vacuum pack clothing, place it in the suitcase or use a handy wardrobe box (available in our shop) to hang items. This will allow clothes to stay fresh if stored for a few months. If storing shoes, again make sure to wipe clean and dry before packing.

Try to plan ahead for easy access. Pack your largest and heaviest items first. Group similar items together and leave some space between items to facilitate easy removal and to allow for ventilation. If you need your Christmas tree before your surfboard, then try to pack it that way!

Cover soft furnishings and polished surfaces with a paper/ plastic or a cloth sheet to keep them dust free and add an extra layer of protection. Try not to place heavy items on top of soft furnishings as these can create a permanent dent.

Clean and dry fridges and freezers and leave the door slightly ajar to maintain freshness.

If your store is seasonal, keep summer items to one side and winter to another, this will make items easier to find and remove.

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