Items Suitable for Business Self Storage


  • Archiving: Files, folders, old servers etc. It is often required that businesses keep various documents stored for a certain period of time (up to 15 years in some cases) before they can be disposed of. There is no need to clutter the office with last year's accounts - rent a unit and store your items in a clean, dry space. We are open 7 days a week so you can access your information whenever you need to.

  • eBay/ Amazon Stock: With free onsite wireless for updating stock lists you can now use your store to house your supplies. Design your unit as a walk-in store and come and go as you please whether it's daily or in the evenings and weekends.

  • Seasonal Stock: Keep your current line at your shop and store away last season's sale items until required.

  • Special Occasion stock: Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas – you will probably want to sell it again the following year so make sure it is in a clean, dry place.

  • Office furniture: Desks, chairs, filing cabinets, spare computers etc. Large orders awaiting collection: It may not happen very often, but when it does it can be frustrating to have to squeeze more items in on top of what is already there. Think ahead and book a storage unit to handle the excess.


  • Flammable items: When motorised equipment etc. fuel must always be drained first. It is recommended to do this two days before storing. Wipe away any spillage on the item.

  • Explosive items: Gas cylinders from barbecues.

  • Weapons and ammunition (including licensed firearms)

  • Chemicals, fuel and paint: These are considered hazardous substances.

  • Illegal goods (stolen, counterfeit items): We have a responsibility to ensure all customers adhere to the Law.

  • Perishable items: Meat, vegetables, bread etc. Canned food is permitted.

  • Livestock or pets: Including reptiles and fish. There is a limited amount of oxygen within the unit to sustain life.

  • Plants and other biological materials: Decomposition of these items can change the atmosphere in the container and produce mould, damp and strong odours.

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